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Rocky Mountain Power and Heber Light and Power are requesting a Conditional Use Permit to rebuild an existing Heber Light and Power transmission line and install a 138kV line for Rocky Mountain Power that will be located on the Heber Light and Power poles. The proposal will establish a second transmission interconnection which will strengthen service reliability and increase capacity in Midway and the surrounding area. The portion in Midway is about one mile in length and will following the existing transmission line along Wards Lane, Stringtown Road, and 970 South. The proposed tangent poles range in height from 70’-85’ above ground and the dead end poles and crossing poles range in height from 80’ – 110’ above ground.

Midway City is proposing a code text amendment of the Midway City Land Use Code Section 16.22: Wireless Telecommunications. The proposed code will regulate installation, maintenance, operations and use of small wireless facilities and related improvements within the City.

Brooke and Christian Duncan are requesting a Conditional Use Permit for an in-home preschool on their property located at 425 East 600 North. The property is in the R-1-22 zone.

Berg Engineering, agent for Johnsons Landing, is requesting final approval of Bonner Meadows (formerly known as Lucerne Estates.) The proposal is for a 14-lot subdivision that is 4.77 acres and is in the R-1-9 zone. The property is located at approximately 149 South 100 East.

Albert Cozens is requesting Preliminary/Final approval for the Cozens Subdivision. The proposal is a small-scale subdivision located on 3.72 acres and will contain one lot. The property is located at 840 South Stringtown Road and is in the RA-1-43 zone.

Non-entitlement review of a concept plan for the Zenger Property which contains 65 lots. The property is 38.19 acres and is located at 275 Luzern Road. The property is in the RA-1-43 zone