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Summit Engineering Group, agent for Farm Springs property owners, is proposing a plat amendment of the Farms Springs subdivision plat. The proposal would amend common space D and reduce the common area by 0.47 acres. The property is located at 544 Meriweather Way and is in the R-1-15 zone

Brett Walker, agent for Probst Raspberry LLC, is requesting preliminary/final approval of The Willows at Midway, a rural preservation subdivision. The proposal is for a 5-lot subdivision on 36.72 acres. The property is located at about 100 South and 500 West and is in the RA-1-43 zone

Brett Walker is requesting Final approval for the Lime Canyon Meadows Subdivision. The proposal is a large-scale subdivision located on two acres and will contain four lots. The property is located at 960 Lime Canyon Road and is in the R-1-22 zone

Don Watkins DPW Heber Inc., agent for Don and Peggy Watkins Star Valley Properties LLC, is requesting final approval of phase 1 of the Saddle Creek Ranch subdivision. Phase 1 includes nine lots on 10.37 acres. The property is located at 970 South 250 West and is in the R-1-22 zone

Midway City is proposing an amendment to the City’s Land Use map. The proposal is to extend the Midway growth boundary to include property that is part of the Wasatch Mountain State Park. The area that would be included is around the visitor’s center, Wasatch Mountain golf courses, camping areas and other surrounding properties

Midway City is proposing a code text amendment of Section 16.13.39 (A) (11): Off-Street Parking and Loading. The proposed code will possibly require parking for outside dining at cafes and restaurants

Berg Engineering, agent for Mountain Spa Investors LLC, is requesting a non-entitlement review of a concept plan for Mountain Spa which contains 156 units. The property is 78 acres and is located at 800 North and 200 East. The property is partially in the R-1-22 zone and partially in the Resort Zone