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Brandon Nielson, agent for Dan and Annette Swainston, is proposing a General Plan Amendment to amend the Midway City’s Road System Master Plan. This proposal would remove the future planned 100 North road from 300 West to 400 West through parcel 06-3771.

Midway City is proposing an amendment to Section 16.2 Definitions of the Midway City Municipal Code and the adoption of new code text in Section 16.13 – Supplementary Requirements in Zones. This proposal would allow for the onsite sale of certain agricultural products that are grown on the property. The proposed amendment would also add agriculture as a permitted use in all Midway City zones.

Don Watkins of DPW Heber Inc., is requesting final approval of phase 4 of the Saddle Creek Ranch subdivision. Phase 4 includes 10 lots on 6.31 acres. The property is located at 970 South 250 West and is in the R-1-22 zone.

Berg Engineering, agent for Jordan Law, is proposing preliminary approval of the Mill Canyon Farms subdivision. The proposal contains four lots on 10.16 acres.  The property is located 850 South 250 West and is in the R-1-22 zone.

Brian Balls, agent for Steven Eddington, is proposing preliminary/final approval of the Eddington subdivision. The proposal contains one lot on five acres.  The property is located at approximately 780 West 500 South and is in the RA-1-43 zone.

Wayne Gordon, agent for Bill Nibley, is requesting approval of a conditional use permit that would allow a mixed-use development on the Daybell Garage property. The proposed mixed use would consist of a restaurant and a residential unit. The property is located at 298 South Center Street and is in the C-2 zone.

Midway City is proposing an amendment to Section 16.13.35 (L) Bed and Breakfast Establishments to the Midway City Municipal Code. This proposal will align language in City code with the language in State code.