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Midway Codes and Policies

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.

Ordinance 2022-09 (Records Requests) Download
Ordinance 2022-07 (Cemetery Regulations) Download
Ordinance 2022-06 (Internal Accessory Dwelling Units) Download
Ordinance 2022-05 (Certificates of Zoning Compliance) Download
Ordinance 2022-04 (Rural Preservation Subdivisions) Download
Ordinance 2022-02 (Setbacks) Download
Ordinance 2022-01 (Time and Place of Meetings) Download
Ordinance 2021-42 (Parking in Right-of-Way) Download
Ordinance 2021-41 (Mixed-Use Density) Download
Ordinance 2021-40 (Landscaping) Download
Ordinance 2021-39 (Small Subdivisions) Download
Ordinance 2021-37 (Water Rights) Download
Ordinance 2021-36 (Temporary Vendor Sales) Download
Ordinance 2021-35 (Bed and Breakfast Establishments) Download
Ordinance 2021-34 (On-Site Sale of Agricultural Products) Download
Ordinance 2021-31 (Gross Square Footage) Download
Ordinance 2021-30 (Development Moratorium) Download
Ordinance 2021-28 (Special Event Permit Enforcement) Download
Ordinance 2021-27 (Open Space Requirements) Download
Ordinance 2021-23 (Wireless Communication) Download
Ordinance 2021-22 (Special Events) Download
Ordinance 2021-21 (Parking Violations) Download
Ordinance 2021-20 (Fireworks and Fire Restrictions) Download
Ordinance 2021-19 (Accessory Buildings) Download
Ordinance 2021-18 (One-Family Dwelling) Download
Ordinance 2021-15 (Mountain Spa Zone Change) Download
Ordinance 2021-14 (Off-Street Parking and Loading) Download
Ordinance 2021-13 (Non-Conforming Buildings and Uses) Download
Ordinance 2021-12 (Building Safety) Download
Ordinance 2021-09 (Vacating Saddle Creek Ranch PUD) Download
Ordinance 2021-08 (Midway Crest Annexation) Download
Ordinance 2021-07 (Cross Connection Control) Download
Ordinance 2021-06 (Cemetery Regulations) Download
Ordinance 2021-05 (Town Architect) Download
Ordinance 2021-04 (Public Facilities Completion Deposit) Download
Ordinance 2021-03 (Vested Rights) Download
Ordinance 2021-02 (Cannabis Production) Download
Ordinance 2021-01 (Time and Place of Meetings) Download
Ordinance 2020-25 (Cannabis Production) - Not Considered  
Ordinance 2020-24 (Density Reduction Subdivision) Download
Ordinance 2020-23 (B&B Amendments) Download
Ordinance 2020-22 (Zone Map Amendment - Mountain Spa) Download
Ordinance 2020-21 (Medical Marijuana) - Not Considered  
Ordinance 2020-20 (Tree Board) Download
Ordinance 2020-19 (Tree Regulations and Preservation) Download
Ordinance 2020-18 (Double Frontage Lots) Download
Ordinance 2020-17 (Time Limits on Council Meetings) Download
Ordinance 2020-16 (General Plan Amendment - 600 North) - Not Adopted  
Ordinance 2020-15 (Audit Committee) Download
Ordinance 2020-14 (Planning Commission Bylaws Amendment) Download
Ordinance 2020-13 (Identification of Streets and Houses) Download
Ordinance 2020-12 (Living Quarters & Accessory Structures) - Not Considered  
Ordinance 2020-11 (Food Truck Amendments) Download
Ordinance 2020-10 (Terms of Office) Download
Ordinance 2020-09 (Wasatch Mountain State Park Annexation) Download
Ordinance 2020-08 (Midway Crest Annexation) Download
Ordinance 2020-07 (Planning Commission Bylaws Amendment) Download
Ordinance 2020-06 (P-160 Zone) Download
Ordinance 2020-05 (Accessory Structures in Commercial Zones) Download
Ordinance 2020-04 (One-Family Dwellings) - Not Considered  
Ordinance 2020-03 (Outside Dining and Parking) Download
Ordinance 2020-02 (Festival Markets and Parking) - Not Adopted  
Ordinance 2020-01 (Time and Place of Council Meetings) Download
Ordinance 2020-14 (Development Phasing) Download
Ordinance 2019-12 (Land Use Map Amendment - State Park) Download
Ordinance 2019-07 (Small Wireless Communications) Download


Resolution 2022-16 (Fee Schedule - Special Use Permit) Download
Resolution 2022-14 (Utah Broadband Franchise Agreement) Download
Resolution 2022-13 (LeRay McAllister Fund) Download
Resolution 2022-12 (FY 2022 Budget Amendment #1) Download
Resolution 2022-11 (2022 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan) Download
Resolution 2022-10 (Pending Ordinance - Outdoor Lighting) Download
Resolution 2022-09 (Pending Ordinance - Affordable Housing) Download
Resolution 2022-08 (Pending Ordinance - PUDs) Download
Resolution 2022-06 (Fee Schedule & Policies - Cemetery) Download
Resolution 2022-05 (Boards Compensation) Download
Resolution 2022-04 (Cemetery Moratorium Extension) Download
Resolution 2022-02 (COVID Policy) Download
Resolution 2021-36 (Mill Canyon Farm Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-35 (Policies & Procedures - COVID & Holidays) Download
Resolution 2021-34 (Waiving Facility Fees) Download
Resolution 2021-33 (Probst Farm Revised Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-31 (Eddington Subdivision Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-30 (Haynie Subdivision Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-29 (Saddle Creek, Phase 4 Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-28 (The Farm at Wilson Lane Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-26 (Rental of Facilities) Download
Resolution 2021-25 (Scotch Fields 3, 4, 5 DA Amended) Download
Resolution 2021-24 (Cemetery Plots Moratorium) Download
Resolution 2021-23 (The Reserve at Midway, Phase 2 Development Agreement)  Download
Resolution 2021-22 (Saddle Creek, Phase 3 Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-21 (Saddle Creek, Phase 2 Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-20 (Mountain Spa Subdivision Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-19 (Rising Ranch Subdivision Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-18 (Certified Tax Rate) Download
Resolution 2021-17 (Lower Burgi Hill Subdivision Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-16 (JOMAR Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-15 (FY 2022 Budget) Download
Resolution 2021-14 (FY 2021 Budget Amentment #3/Final) Download
Resolution 2021-13 (Standard Specifications - Street Widths) Download
Resolution 2021-12 (Amended Fee Schedule) Download
Resolution 2021-09 (The Village Master Plan Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-08 (Nelson Family Farm Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-07 (Salazar Spring Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2021-06 (Vacate Saddle Creek Ranch Development Agreement Download
Resolution 2021-03 (Huntleigh Woods Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2020-01 (Non-Resident Access to Culinary Water) Download
Resolution 2019-28 (Saddle Creek, Phase 1 Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2019-24 (Raynor Subdivision Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2019-12 (Whitaker Farm Development Agreement) Download
Resolution 2019-12 (Exhibit A) Download
Resolution 2019-12 (Exhibit B) Download
Resolution 2019-12 (Exhibit C) Download
Resolution 2019-12 (Exhibit D) Download
Resolution 2019-12 (Exhibit E) Download
Resolution 2019-12 (Exhibit F) Download
Resolution 2019-12 (Exhibit G) Download
Resolution 2019-12 (Exhibit H) Download
 Standard Specifications and Drawings (Updated 2/18/2020) Download


 Land Use Code (11 July 2006) Download