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Midway Codes and Policies

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.

Ordinance 2020-09 (Wasatch Mountain State Park Annexation) Download
Ordinance 2020-08 (Midway Crest Annexation) Download
Ordinance 2020-07 (Planning Commission Bylaws Amendment) Download
Ordinance 2020-06 (P-160 Zone) Download
Ordinance 2020-05 (Accessory Structures in Commercial Zones) Download
Ordinance 2020-04 (One-Family Dwellings) Pending
Ordinance 2020-03 (Outside Dining and Parking) Download
Ordinance 2020-02 (Festival Markets and Parking) Pending
Ordinance 2020-01 (Time and Place of Council Meetings) Download
Ordinance 2019-12 (Land Use Map Amendment - State Park) Download
Ordinance 2019-07 (Small Wireless Communications) Download


Resolution 2020-01 (Non-Resident Access to Culinary Water) Download
 Standard Specifications and Drawings (Updated 2/18/2020) Download


 Land Use Code (11 July 2006) Download