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Brad Wilson - City Recorder (435-654-3223 x118)

Becky Wood - Deputy City Recorder (435-654-3223 x104)

The 2018 Election is being adminstered by Wasatch County. For election results please click here. For information regarding the special bond election please click here.



14 registered voters in areas recently annexed into Midway City received ballots that did no include the Midway special bond election. Corrected ballots have been mailed to or picked up by the voters. They have also been notified by phone of the discrepancy. Other voters in the annexation areas received correct ballots.

Please contact the Wasatch County Clerk (1-435-654-3190 or 25 North Main Street, Heber City) if you received a ballot that did not include the Midway special bond election.

Please click here for the results of the Midway Sanitation District election.


Midway Sanitation District will elect two board members during the 2015 Municipal Election. Each board member will serve a term of four years. The following individuals have declared their candidacy:

Clair Provost

Don Huggard

Connie Tatton

Alan Cluff

Laren Gertsch


A primary election was held on August 11, 2015. The general election will be held on November 3, 2015. The election will be held by mail. Please contact the county recorder's office with any questions.


General Election Results

Does not include the canvass of the ballots which will occur on November 13th.


Candidate Votes %
Clair Provost 801 32.09
Don Huggard 610 24.44
Connie Tatton 531 21.27
Laren Gertsch 535 21.43


 Registered Voters  
 Precincts Reporting 100%
 Ballots Cast  
 Voter Participation  
 Votes Cast 2496
 Outstanding Ballots  
 Provisional Ballots  


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