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Water Advisory Board

Public Notice

The Midway Water Advisory Board will hold regular meetings for 2021 on the first Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m., as business requires, at the Midway City Office Building, 75 North 100 West, Midway, Utah . Please click here for meeting dates and cutoff dates  

We have been required to post all agendas to the state’s website. Click here to find agendas.
You can also find the agenda, meeting minutes and packets here

Water Board Members
Steve Farrell, Irrigation President / Chairman
Grant Kohler, Irrigation Board Member
Brent Kelly, Irrigation Board Member
Celeste T. Johnson, Mayor / Co-Chairman
Steven Dougherty - City Council
Jeff Drury - City Council
Michael Henke, City Planner
Jennifer Sweat, Secretary

Application for Water Advisory Board      -  Application Should be emailed to

Click here to see Utah State's Water Conservation Plan