2024 Firework Regulations from Wasatch Fire

Please read the following statement from the Wasatch Fire Department regarding the use of fireworks for the July 4th week.

“With the current and forecasted conditions presenting a hazardous fire potential during this firework season we wanted to discuss firework restriction that we have implemented in the past years again. The hazard is particularly true within a wildland urban interface area and in the type of area described in Utah Code §15A-5-202.5(1)(b)(1). Due to the forecasted weather conditions, Wasatch Fire would like to implement FIREWORKS Restrictions for any area that is located in the Wildland Urban Interface and the associated map that was used in the past. Please see attached restriction map for use of fireworks for the July 4th and July 24th Holidays.

Restrictions will be in place for the duration of the allowable discharge dates, July 2-5, and July 22-25.

Local Municipalities may still enact more stringent restrictions if they deem it necessary. Please let us know if you have any questions.”