Update from the Midway Irrigation Company

Spring Runoff Update from Mike Kohler from the Midway Irrigation Company. Please take note that Midway Irrigation is not a Midway City managed entity. If you have questions regarding your secondary/irrigation water please contact Midway Irrigation directly.

May 16, 2023

Good Morning Midway Residents,

Here’s a short update from Midway Irrigation regarding our snow melt run off season.   When this all started several weeks ago, we all knew that the mountains held the potential to create a big problem for those living along Snake Creek in Midway.   So far, however, Mother Nature has given us a break by offering a continued run of cool nights against some very warm days which has melted the low snow on the valley floor and most of the intermediate snows on the mountains.  We’ve even had a few rainstorms to help that move along.  BUT, with our weather getting warmer especially at night, the fun will start.   Our two main sources of runoff water are Snake Creek Canyon (by the white mountains to the northwest of town) and Pine Creek Canyon (the mountain between Midway and Park City).  Lime Canyon and the slopes above Swiss Alpine bring some water as well, but the vast majority is runoff from the other two.  Pine Creek started running several days ago and is increasing each day.   This source should peak in a few weeks.  The big one is Snake Creek and It’s just getting started with a small muddy flow showing up over the weekend.  The point is, with all the melting and high run off so far, it hasn’t been from these two high mountain sources so we have a lot more water flows to come.   I would encourage anyone living along Snake Creek to be careful and vigilant for the next several weeks. Take precautions if you haven’t already.   Sand bags are still available as well.  If you need them, please contact the City.

There is potential and even the likelihood that flows in Snake Creek will be very high and fast for the next few weeks. Please be careful. And, if it will make your feel better…when you see high flows, just remember, it’s helping the Great Salt Lake.