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Midway City Annual Drinking Water Report

The Drinking Water Source Protection Plan
for Midway City is available for your review.

It contains information about source protection zones, potential contamination sources and management strategies to protect our drinking water.

View the Full Report (PDF)

Midway City Shop Bid Request

Public Works

   On Call After Hours/Emergency Phone Number:                           (435) 671-7387


Cory Lott                Public Works Crew Chief  (435) 654-3223

Shane Owens        Sexton (Cemetery) & Public Works Administrative Lead  (435)-654-3223 ext.117    ***Please call for Appointment 435-503-5739***

Jason Standifer      Midway Sanitation Service District/Sewer Inspector    (435) 503-2458

Lane Taylor             Public Works

 Darin Bunker           Public Works

 Eric Mecham           Public Works

Preston Broadhead      Public Works

Sam Caldwell        Public Works



Midway City 2017-2018 Construction Projects

The City has several construction projects scheduled for the 2017-18 fiscal year that residents should be aware of:
CARI LANE-WATER LINE & ROADWAY IMPROVEMENTS: On Cari Lane from Homestead Drive to Pine Canyon Road, the project is anticipated to start in May and be completed in August 2017. Crews will be installing a new 12” water line and repaving the roadway surface. There will be traffic detours involved with this project.
MICHIE LANE ROADWAY AND UTILITY LINE PROJECT: On Michie Lane Road from Center Street to Fox Den Road, the project is anticipated to start in late May and be completed in mid-August. The roadway will be constructed and include an 8’ trail on the north side, two travel lanes with a landscaped median, a 5’ bike lane on both the east and westbound lanes, curb & gutter, and a 6’ sidewalk.
500 SOUTH ROAD WIDENING PROJECT: From Stringtown Road to the west end of the Cemetery, this project is anticipated to start in late May and be completed mid-August. The road will be repaved to a width of 26 feet.
HOMESTEAD TRAIL PHASE 1 & 200 NORTH WATER LINE INSTALLATION: This project is anticipated to start in late April and be completed in mid-July. A new culinary water line will be installed in 200 North from 200 West to Pine Canyon Road. The City will also begin installation of the Homestead Trail. Phase One will install a 10’ wide trail from Main Street on 200 West to 200 North, then along 200 North to Creek Place Road. The ultimate Homestead Trail plan is to install a 10’ paved trail to the Wasatch Mountain Visitors Center along Homestead Drive.